Julie Hedrick

The fresco series 2013


I have been drawn to lime and plaster for many years.

My earliest memory ; living on the Island of Ibiza, her stark white lime washed walls and the finca’s (farmhouses) that dot the island.

At 19 I moved from Toronto to Halifax to attend art college, returning to the birthplace of my grandmother. Living in a small cold water flat on the edge of the bay I was struck by the tragic beauty of the old plaster walls.

My first studio in NY was in the back of a crumbling stone and lime mortared walled basement apartment in the east village, this is where I began my first series of frescoes in 1984. I wasn’t particularly concerned with traditional fresco techniques, in a way the lure of the medium was that the materials were cheap and accessible.


In 1986 on a trip from Toronto to New York my partner Peter and I pulled into Kingston NY looking for a gas station and found a run down 1800‘s Romanesque church for sale, we bought it and I began working on large plaster works.

In the spring of 2011 I was invited to exhibit my Blue series of oil canvases in Cartagena Colombia, a 500 year old walled city set on the edge of the Caribbean sea. I was struck by the energy and the history embedded within it’s ancient walls and began to think about lime plaster again.

In June 2012 last year friends invited us to stay with them in an old farmhouse just outside Rome.  It was our first time visiting the city, it felt like coming home. I decided to create a small series of plaster works as my homage to ancient Rome.

The exhibition ‘Rome’ opened at R&F Gallery Feb. 2013


Lime plaster tells a story, it is dry, it absorbs water and paint deeply into itself , it is fresh and delicate and contains and holds the past under it’s skin.


– Julie Hedrick 2013

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