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Press release ~ Air- Ariadne’s Golden Thread May 3 2016




AIR (Ariadne’s Golden Thread)

IMG_3586Opening Reception:  Tuesday, May 3rd from 6 to 8 p.m.

“The thread was placed by the hand of Ariadne in the hand of Theseus (in the other was his sword) so that this might permit him to penetrate the labyrinth (…) Now, we no longer even know whether these corridors that encircle us are those of a labyrinth, a secret cosmos, or a chaos of pure chance. Our beautiful duty is to imagine that there exists a labyrinth and a thread. We might never come across the thread; or we might stumble upon it unexpectedly and then lose it again in an act of faith, in the rhythm of a line, in a dream, in the sort of words that are called philosophy or in a moment of mere and simple happiness.”

JORGE LUIS BORGES, The Fable’s Thread

ARIADNE’S GOLDEN THREAD – INTO THE LIGHT, Triptych, oil on canvas 2016, 3 panels 20 in. x 60 in. 

Julie Hedrick explores the Greek myth of Ariadne in her new body of work, AIR (Ariadne’s Golden Thread). The exhibition comes to Nohra Haime Gallery as a deep breath of light, after the intensity of her previous series, Alchemy.

This meditational process came to Hedrick’s hand through the contemplation of the Hudson Valley skies, and the intuitive thrust to paint air, space and light. Just like Ariadne’s golden thread that lead Theseus out of the Minotaur’s labyrinth in Greek Mythology, the golden borders that outline Hedrick’s paintings act as a golden thread that brings us to clarity.


The creative process was guided by the listening of Violet Jade, an album of meditations transformed into music by Hedrick’s husband, composer Peter Wetzler.  This series came as a result of hours of painting in a trance-like state, induced by the combination of the music and the light emanating from the canvases.

Ariadne’s Golden Thread – Into the Light describes the poetry in the air, held within a golden thread. The three panels open a stream of light ascending to the top, three times contained in a golden rim. In the Minotaur myth, Theseus arrived in the third sacrifice, slaying the monster and returning from the darkness of the labyrinth by following Ariadne’s golden thread.

The whole series has Hedrick’s characteristic peeling texture – a tactile, terrene, and humane quality that belongs to the visible and material world, connecting to the environment and human senses. The idea of connection, always present in her work, takes a particular stand in AIR (Ariadne’s Golden Thread). It reenacts both the interlacing and converging quality of the mundane and spiritual world, of all things alive; and the pulling force to bring us back, to lift us from the obscure

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Eternity – Held by a Golden Thread reminds us of a primordial string, present as a universal understanding of life and existence: String Theory refers to the strings that propagate through space and interact with each other, the three Moirai of Greek mythology controlled all humans’ destiny with the thread of life, and the gods of a popular Chinese and Japanese legend tie an invisible red cord around the ankles or fingers of those destined to meet for a purpose, to make history or help one another.

As much of Hedrick’s work, AIR (Ariadne’s Golden Thread) contains an ancestral sensitivity, the painting of universal concepts that go back to the origins of human existence. Within her own labyrinth of shared stories there is a perfect path, a golden thread which, like that of Ariadne, pulls us out of the obscure and into the light and invites us to look up and take a deep breath of air.

OPENING RECEPTION: Tuesday, May 3rd from 6 to 8 p.m.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Leslie Garrett at art@nohrahaimegallery.com


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