Julie Hedrick


Julie Hedrick has lived and worked in a converted church on the top of a hill in the Rondout section of Kingston, NY. since 1986, splitting her time between the East Village in Manhattan and the Hudson Valley until 2006 when she made Kingston her permanent home.

“Living close to the Hudson river with the ever changing light, mist and sky has been a constant inspiration “

Hedrick is represented by The Nohra Haime Gallery in New York since 1998 and has exhibited extensively throughout the United States, Colombia, Europe and Canada.

The daughter of the accomplished Toronto based artist Robert Hedrick. 

” art is the language of our family “

Julie apprenticed at the age of 16 with Canadian artist Joyce Devlin who had a profound influence on her painting, she continued her studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design where she began a life long love affair with Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island.

After her mother was diagnosed with cancer In 1983 Hedrick emersed herself in an intensive program of study of anatomy, physiology, pathology and sacral cranial work at The Sutherland Chan Institute in Toronto.

Hedrick moved to New York in 1984 after meeting and shortly there after ( one week ) becoming engaged to the musician ~ composer Peter Wetzler.

In NY she began to practice as a LMT while studying sound and healing and the use of tuning forks  for body tuning with Dr John Beaulieu at the Polarity Wellness Institute in New York.

” There are connections in my work between color and light, energy and sound, meditation, and material, all of which culminates in over thirty years of practice”

In 2001 Hedrick was the subject of the film ‘ Julie Of The Spirits ‘ , the painting Of The Sprits  was created while being filmed in time lapse shortly after 9/11. Shot and directed by the Hudson NY. based Venezuelan  filmmaker Isabel Barton, and scored by Peter Wetzler. It was performed live at the Woodstock film festival in Woodstock NY in 2001.

In 2015 Hedrick created a listening environment featuring both her poetry and her paintings for the group exhibition ‘ Always listen to your Art ‘ at One Mile Gallery in Kingston, NY. and The exhibition ‘ HER(E) NOW curated by Judy Pfaff at The National Association of Women Artistes in NY. 2015.

Hedrick’s most recent exhibition of 58 new works in May 20016 titled Air – Ariadne’s golden Thread was directly inspired by the sky’s of her Kingston NY. home and a desire to create works of limitless space, peacefulness and wonder at this time of unprecedented darkness and chaos in the world.

“Toronto-born painter Julie Hedrick has lived in New York’s Hudson River valley since 1990. Not coincidentally, it seems, her large, atmospheric abstract paintings look like modernist readings of the Hudson River School paintings of the early 19th century. They are also strikingly reminiscent of J.M.W. Turner’s meteorological effects. Hedrick favors voluminous swirls of paint, activated here and there by small, encrusted bits of pigment that are built up on the surface of the canvas; her show, titled “Depth Perception,” offered 10 works that played with spatial illusion and with misty, billowing color suggestive of weather, landscape and other natural phenomena. A group of her poems was printed along with reproductions of the paintings in a catalogue; at one point she refers to “colors floating,” and that’s just how it is: hues hover, rise and fall relative to the picture plane.”
-Art in America,  Oct, 2000  by Jonathan Goodman